LODENE by June Botha

LODENE by June Botha
ISBN 978-1-928518-77-8
Who can ever understand the heart of a mother when she is forced to abort her baby. Furthermore, who can ever understand the emotions of that baby when she finds out thirty-five years later, that she survived three attempted abortions. And then the final discovery: whó is really the Sustainer of Life and Death?
“Tell it just as it happened, Mommy!” Lodene’s urgent voice pleaded with me and I was transported to the events of thirty-five years ago. There is a saying, “The truth shall set you free.” “Does it?” I had to ask myself as I battled through every word. The story is a truly captivating novel of suspense from the pen of a mother who begged the life of her baby from the hand of God. It will enthral readers and you will experience fierce emotions of love, disappointment, pain and hate.
Thís true story took place in 1983, when abortion was illegal.
Lonika, a young woman, lost her heart to a respected businessman, Wilhelm. “Lost in love,” is what Stephan would call it with a shrug of his broad shoulders, as he helplessly watches his brother, Wilhelm, change into a cruel, cold hearted spouse who tries his utmost to end the life of his un-born baby in underhanded ways. Lonika’s life becomes a treacherous journey between lies and heartless brutality. She escapes and flees to safety. Enough is enough! A life is taken. A life is given – but at a price. Once again Lonika must stand naked in the face of fierce negotiations. “A life for a life, Lord?” she begs, begs until her body sags to the cold floor in total surrender. “You múst call her Lodene,” the nurse’s soft voice gently caresses her unresponsive figure
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