An extract from one of our best Anthologies – “Barefoot and Awestruck”.-Lindi Nolte

An extract from one of our best Anthologies – “Barefoot and Awestruck”.
Lindi Nolte is a born South African who lives with her family in Vancouver, but still misses her “Heimat”.
Somewhere on the other side of the world
in a country with a flag
there’s a street with a name
and a house with a number
full of familiar things
the smell of my mother’s pap en word lingers in the kitchen
the grandfather clock on the wall ticks echoes down the hall, coo-coo’s at twelve
the pencil measurements marks
in the bathroom have me pegged at ninety three centimeters
the stairs that lead to the top floor creak
the closet full of toys is overflowing
the carpet is stained with guava juice
the garden grows wild roses and parsley
the treehouse is too high to jump down from
the pet turtle is lost somewhere amongst the ferns
the pond in the front yard holds too many tadpoles for me to catch
the biltong is drying in die garage
the dinner table is set for six
the driveway is littered with bicycles
the bed in my room holds my shape
the day they pack my house into a box
and ship it to a country I didn’t know existed
I lay myself face down on the living room floor
I press my ear against the chest of my house
she holds me
the way mothers do when they wish to
but know they can’t protect
their children from the truth……….
Lindi Nolte

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