Bold Bible Girls by Lauren Jacobs

Bold Bible Girls by Lauren Jacobs


ISBN 978-1-928518-65-5 The architect, the builders and challengers. The persecuted, the traveller, the prophetess and myrrh carrier. The apostle, the visionaries, the activist and the deliverers. Meet them all in the pages of Bold Bible Girls, where Lauren takes you on a journey into the lives of overlooked Bible girls. With a vision to inspire young girls to see themselves as competent and strong, this book is a blessed gift for the young visionary. Accompanied by a devotional section, this book aims to bring mothers and daughters together, to reflect on the examples and themes in the lives of these Bible girls.  

Lauren Jacobs

Lauren Jacobs is passionate about the forgotten narratives of Biblical women. With a BA in English, Psychology, and a Masters in Divinity, Lauren presents biblical truth through the art of storytelling.

She has been a theology scholar and Bible teacher for over a decade, and presents a variety of women’s teachings to over 15000 subscribers each week. Her debut historical novel Yehudit Chosen by God, won the Desmond Tutu – Gerrit Brand award in 2017. This was followed by her USA win, the Next Generation Indie Book Award for best Christian Fiction for her second title Shelamzion Queen of Israel in 2019.  Lauren’s work as a social justice journalist has led her to write dozens of articles on global issues facing women and the girl child. Her work has appeared in magazines, curriculum, anthologies, journals and her poetry has been used by abuse and rape survivors. Bella Magazine named Lauren “South Africa’s very own Wonder Woman.”  She is an ordained minister, and co – leads a global teaching ministry with her husband. She serves as an advisory board member for a global advocacy organisation working in Kenya with refugee girls, and she hosts her own weekly talk show on Radio Cape Pulpit.

DIE LAND BRAND deur Susan Fourie

DIE LAND BRAND deur Susan Fourie – R220.00

ISBN: 978-1-928518-83-9

Covid-19 kry die wêreld in sy mag en groei tot ’n orkaan van ongekende omvang. Almal is saam in die storm, maar in verskillende bootjies. Sommige is eensaam en alleen in ’n bootjie; in ander bote is daar te veel mense vir die beperkte ruimte. Mense raak benoud. Benoude katte maak benoude spronge. Wanneer die lewe jou uit die bekende grond van ’n bepaalde bestaan ruk en sonder waarskuwing op ’n onbekende plek laat val, kan jy uithaak. Dan begin dinge komieklik raak. ’n Bevolking in huisarres – gevangenes sonder ’n misdaadrekord. Terwyl die misdadigers op vrye voet is – besig om die septer te swaai en die land te verwoes. Verskroeide aarde onder kwarantyn. Honger mense se kos word gesteel deur dié wie se spense oorvol is. Mense wat absurde wette oortree, kry ’n misdaadrekord. Vir party word dit pikker as pikswart; ander strek hulle hande uit om elke nuwe dag te omhels. Hierdie boek kyk na dit wat as buite-normaal, skokkend, tragies, ongemaklik of komies ervaar is in die ses maande vanaf vlak vyf tot vlak een van die pandemie.

Never in the history of ever the world has faced a catastrophe of this size. Covid-19 extended to a hurricane of unprecedented magnitude – within an ocean the size of the world. All together we are braving the storm, but find ourselves in different boats. Some sail in solitude, while others do not find enough breathing space amongst too many people. Life is snatched from the familiar way of existence and dropped without warning into a strange place. Then it may happen that you lose your head and start doing funny things. A population under house arrest – prisoners without a criminal record. While criminals are at large – wielding the scepter and destroying the country. Hungry people’s food is stolen by those whose pantries have barely space for more. People who broke absurd laws now have a criminal record. For some, it becomes darker than pitch black; others stretch out their hands to embrace each new day. This book helps the reader to look back at things which was perceived as out-of-normal, shocking, tragic, uncomfortable or comical during the six months from level five to level one of the pandemic.


Om te skryf is vir Susan Fourie tweede natuur. Reeds op hoërskool wen sy pryse in ʼn paar nasionale opstelwedstryde. Sy verwerf ʼn BA-graad op Stellenbosch met Afrikaans en Frans as hoofvakke. Die volgende jaar trou sy met Koos Fourie – toe ʼn finalejaar teologie-student. In gemeentes was sy hoofsaaklik by kinderbediening betrokke. As ma van vyf was daar nie veel tyd vir skryf nie. Tog is haar eerste boek in 1981 gepubliseer. Sy skryf hoofsaaklik religieus-opvoedkundige boeke. Vanaf 1999 begin sy, op versoek van hulle kerk se jeugkommissie, die FXit-reeks vir gebruik in skole en Sondagskole opstel. Dit was ʼn jarelange projek, wat sy eers in 2017 voltooi het. Daarna begin sy kortverhale skryf, wat in tydskrifte soos Rooi Rose, Vrouekeur  en Huisgenoot verskyn het.

Writing is second nature to Susan Fourie. Even in high school she won prizes in some national essay competitions. She obtained a BA degree in Stellenbosch with Afrikaans and French as majors. The following year she married Koos Fourie – at that time in his final year as a theology student. In congregations she was mainly involved in children’s ministry. As a mother of five, she did not get much writing time, yet her first book was published in 1981. She wrote mainly religious-educational books. From 1999, at the request of their church’s youth commission, she began compiling the FXit series for use in schools and Sunday schools. It was a long-standing mission, which she completed in 2017. After that she started writing short stories, which were published in magazines such as Rooi Rose, Vrouekeur and Huisgenoot.

LODENE by June Botha

LODENE by June Botha
ISBN 978-1-928518-77-8
Who can ever understand the heart of a mother when she is forced to abort her baby. Furthermore, who can ever understand the emotions of that baby when she finds out thirty-five years later, that she survived three attempted abortions. And then the final discovery: whó is really the Sustainer of Life and Death?
“Tell it just as it happened, Mommy!” Lodene’s urgent voice pleaded with me and I was transported to the events of thirty-five years ago. There is a saying, “The truth shall set you free.” “Does it?” I had to ask myself as I battled through every word. The story is a truly captivating novel of suspense from the pen of a mother who begged the life of her baby from the hand of God. It will enthral readers and you will experience fierce emotions of love, disappointment, pain and hate.
Thís true story took place in 1983, when abortion was illegal.
Lonika, a young woman, lost her heart to a respected businessman, Wilhelm. “Lost in love,” is what Stephan would call it with a shrug of his broad shoulders, as he helplessly watches his brother, Wilhelm, change into a cruel, cold hearted spouse who tries his utmost to end the life of his un-born baby in underhanded ways. Lonika’s life becomes a treacherous journey between lies and heartless brutality. She escapes and flees to safety. Enough is enough! A life is taken. A life is given – but at a price. Once again Lonika must stand naked in the face of fierce negotiations. “A life for a life, Lord?” she begs, begs until her body sags to the cold floor in total surrender. “You múst call her Lodene,” the nurse’s soft voice gently caresses her unresponsive figure
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War and Peace by Willie Esterhuyse

War and Peace by Willie Esterhuyse – R340
ISBN 978-1-928518-80-8
What is the meaning of moral imagination and what is its relevance in the nature/culture debate? In this book, Willie Esterhuyse examines the age-old question whether mankind naturally lusts for power and violence or whether it is an acquired behaviour. The problem is discussed from a historical and philosophical perspective and provides a profound overview of this issue ranging from antiquity to the modern Islamic State. The author is convinced that human beings possess a moral imagination which promotes the dream of peace on earth. Another possibly contentious view is that morality is a function of the brain which is influenced by a variety of inputs, especially so-called holy texts.

Ebook – BORN FOR GREATNESS – By Gerald J. Maarman

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Born for Greatness

  • I have met many people who have gone through life with dreams of achieving success, but they never did. Some of them gave up hope because of a bad life experience or perhaps a lack of resilience made them abandon their unfulfilled dreams. I have spoken to thousands of people from disadvantaged backgrounds, people who have been through the worst life experiences, and they want to know “How does one overcome adversity and achieve success?”
  • My aim with this book is to provide answers to this question and to provide helpful tools and tips that can be utilised to achieve success in the face of adversity. In the first 9 chapters I tell my life story and give you a glimpse of the difficult journey I have travelled to achieve success. From chapter 10, I delve deeper into the ways in which I conducted my life in order to achieve success and I often use scriptures from the Bible to bring across certain concepts.
  • My prayer is if you are experiencing adversity that my life story will encourage you to persevere against all odds. With my journey, I demonstrate that for you to reach your destiny, you must cherish both the good and bad experiences. What you are experiencing now may be because of poor choices or circumstances beyond your control, but these experiences will mould you into the person that God has predestined you to become, and they will guide you to your destiny.

Dr. Gerald J. Maarman was born and raised in a disadvantaged community (Kleinvlei Eersterivier) in Cape Town, South Africa. He has been on a long and tough life journey but has managed to achieve success despite adversity.
He is a lecturer at Tygerberg Medical School, the University of Stellenbosch and holds national diplomas in architectural drawings, terminal care, and emergency aid. He completed a BSc. degree in Functional Human Biology, BSc. honours degree and MSc. degree in Medical Cardiovascular Physiology. Gerald also holds a Ph.D. in Medical Cardiovascular Physiology in Cardiology/Medicine, has received multiple accolades and his research has been published nationally and internationally. He is an NRF rated researcher with international standing, and professional memberships and Faculty positions on several medical associations.
He has been a born-again Christian for more than 26 years and is actively involved in ministry. His life story has served as an inspiration to thousands of young people throughout the country and he continues doing youth and community development in disadvantaged communities of South Africa.


E-boek – Pleks van plaas – Jerzy Koch.

E-boek – beskikbaar by Amazon – R140.00 klik hier vir Amazon

Jerzy Koch, vertaler, digter, akademikus, is hoof van die Afdeling Nederlandse en Suid-Afrikaanse Studies by die Fakulteit Engels van A. Mickiewicz-Universiteit in Poznań. Hy doseer veral Nederlandse literatuur, koloniale literatuur en Afrikaans. Hy is ook die skrywer van ’n omvattende literatuurgeskiedenis oor Afrikaans. Hy besoek Suid-Afrika gereeld sedert 1992 en het die Afrikaanse taal sodanig sy eie gemaak dat hy dit vlot praat en gedigte daarin skryf.
Hy het werke vertaal van H. Claus, J. Bernlef, H. de Coninck, S. Hertmans, G. Kouwenaar, Lucebert, H. Mulisch, Multatuli, L. Nolens, P. Rodenko, F. Timmermans e.a. Vir sy vertaal-oeuvre het hy in die Lae Lande die M. Nijho -prys ontvang. Hy het ook Ingrid Jonker (1993) vertaal en sy onlangse vertalings in Poolse is bloemlesings uit Antjie Krog (2017) en Breyten Breytenbach (2018) se gedigte.


Willem S. Van der Merwe

Willem S. Van der Merwe was 24 jaar oud toe sy debuutbundel, Sondig, in 1985 die lig gesien het. Hierdie is sy tweede bundel. Hy woon en werk tussen Suid-Afrika en Hong Kong, waar hy ‘n videoproduksiebesigheid bestuur.