Dr. Gerald J. Maarman

Dr. Gerald J. Maarman was born and raised in a disadvantaged community (Kleinvlei Eersterivier) in Cape Town, South Africa. He has been on a long and tough life journey but has managed to achieve success despite adversity. He is a lecturer at Tygerberg Medical School, the University of Stellenbosch and holds national diplomas in architectural drawings, terminal care, and emergency aid. He completed a BSc. degree in Functional Human Biology, BSc. honours degree and MSc. degree in Medical Cardiovascular Physiology. Gerald also holds a Ph.D. in Medical Cardiovascular Physiology in Cardiology/Medicine, has received multiple accolades and his research has been published nationally and internationally. He is an NRF rated researcher with international standing, and professional memberships and Faculty positions on several medical associations. He has been a born-again Christian for more than 26 years and is actively involved in ministry. His life story has served as an inspiration to thousands of young people throughout the country and he continues doing youth and community development in disadvantaged communities of South Africa.