War and Peace by Willie Esterhuyse

War and Peace by Willie Esterhuyse – R340
ISBN 978-1-928518-80-8
What is the meaning of moral imagination and what is its relevance in the nature/culture debate? In this book, Willie Esterhuyse examines the age-old question whether mankind naturally lusts for power and violence or whether it is an acquired behaviour. The problem is discussed from a historical and philosophical perspective and provides a profound overview of this issue ranging from antiquity to the modern Islamic State. The author is convinced that human beings possess a moral imagination which promotes the dream of peace on earth. Another possibly contentious view is that morality is a function of the brain which is influenced by a variety of inputs, especially so-called holy texts.

Willie Esterhuyse

Willie Esterhuyse is emeritus-professor, Universiteit Stellenbosch en het verskeie toekennings ontvang, waaronder ere-doktoraat (US) en RSA Orde van Luthuli (silwerklas). Boeke uit sy pen sluit in Afskeid van Apartheid (1979), Eindstryd. Geheime gesprekke en die einde van Apartheid (2012), Die Tronkgesprekke. Nelson Mandela en Kobie Coetsee se geheime voorpunt-diplomasie (2018), in samewerking met Gerhard van Niekerk. Hy woon in Stellenbosch.