• The discerning open-minded reader, prepared to forego the geocentric paradigm of most human philosophy and science, will be carried away by this text which offers a cosmic perspective of the evolution of life on our planet, of the history and future of mankind, as well as of meaning in the universe.
  • The possibility of a more advanced civilization than our own provides a cosmic perspective on developments on our earth.
  • All religious people hope, even expect, that their god will intervene on their behalf and on behalf of their families, tribes or nations. Could we suppose that the ‘god’ intervenes through physical agents who actually are other humanoids with superior capabilities and technology?


  • The text reproaches earthly scientists, philosophers and religious thinkers for their geocentric approach: they tend to accept this earth as the centre of the universe. But like Galileo we should all be open to the new and unexpected.


  • This text is challenging and thought-provoking with an unusual perspective.

The manuscript was provided to our publishing company by a physicist with international connections. He/she is remaining anonymous and uses the pseudonym Chris Harbinger.



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