Bold Bible Girls


ISBN 978-1-928518-65-5





The architect, the builders and challengers. The persecuted, the traveller, the prophetess and myrrh carrier. The apostle, the visionaries, the activist and the deliverers. Meet them all in the pages of Bold Bible Girls, where Lauren takes you on a journey in to the lives of overlooked Bible girls. With a vision to inspire young girls to see themselves as competent and strong, this book is a blessed gift for the young visionary. Accompanied by a devotional section, this book aims to bring mothers and daughters together, to reflect on the examples and themes in the lives of these Bible girls.

Lauren Jacobs is passionate about the forgotten narratives of Biblical women. With a BA in English, Psychology, and a Masters in Divinity, Lauren presents biblical truth through the art of storytelling. She has been a theology scholar and bible teacher for over a decade, and presents a variety of women’s teachings to over 15000 subscribers each week. Her debut historical novel Yehudit Chosen by God, won the Desmond Tutu – Gerrit Brand award in 2017. This was followed by her USA win, the Next Generation Indie Book Award for best Christian Fiction for her second title Shelamzion Queen of Israel in 2019.  Lauren’s work as a social justice journalist has led her to write dozens of articles on global issues facing women and the girl child. Her work has appeared in magazines, curriculum, anthologies, journals and her poetry has been used by abuse and rape survivors. Bella Magazine named Lauren, “South Africa’s very own Wonder Woman.”  She is an ordained minister, and co – leads a global teaching ministry with her husband. She serves as an advisory board member for a global advocacy organization working in Kenya with refugee girls, and she hosts her own weekly talk show on Radio Cape Pulpit.


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