The last Passover of Jesus on earth


After completing my studies at the University of Pretoria, it has been my privilege to practise as an advocate for 24 years and then to serve as a judge of the High Court of South Africa for 20 years. Throughout my career the judicial aspects of the conviction and crucifixion of Jesus Christ have fascinated me. It can undoubtedly be regarded as one of the most important and consequential trials in the history of mankind. I found it particularly instructive to systematically analyse the trials of Jesus and the evidence, judgement and His “conviction” and to consider what we might learn from this.
This also applies to the issues surrounding the resurrection of Jesus since there are various quarters that allege that He never rose from the dead and that the whole narrative is a fraudulent misrepresentation of the truth. Is it therefore possible to arrive at a definite conclusion based on the available evidence from Biblical and extra-Biblical sources?


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