Not only will the parents of gay children and gay people themselves find this publication well worth reading, but also pastors, youth leaders and many others.
~ Dr Jean M du Plessis
To be gay is not a sin, just like being left-handed or having blue eyes is not a sin. You cannot choose to be or become heterosexual if you are core homosexual. This is the conclusion of Geoff and Eileen Stenekamp after much research on homosexuality. They had to, because their son is gay and as believing parents they wanted to get to know what the Bible and science really say about this. In the end they reached clarity and peace … and they could praise the Lord for their gay son who enriched and deepened their lives in many ways. This book is meant for gay believers and their people and it is also for everyone who still dares to turn their backs on gays.
~ Dr Frits Gaum
I think this is a very important and timely contribution.
~ Dr Carel Antonissen
This book is the heartrending testimony of the love of two parents for their son. The reality of his sexuality derails them, but they take hold of God and, despite everything, choose to love their son rather than reject him. In doing so they also decide not to flee from this ‘challenge’ but, with the peace of God, to journey both with it and with the surprising answers that they find. On this voyage through their lives and choices, I began to understand more of the love of Jesus Christ and why He died for us.
~ Pastor Retha Benade


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